What do we actually do? Well, in the main we design and build websites. We build small ones comprising simple HTML and large database-backed applications using all manner of web technologies. And all points in-between.

We can take care of hosting, email and domain name issues, we can deal with on-line shopping and payment systems, we can make your site fully accessible, we can help you manage your mailing lists, set up message boards and incorporate video onto your site. At a push we'll even advise on search-engine optimisation, the dark arts indeed.

Content Management

Our speciality is building content publishing systems where the user has control over the content and can edit and alter the site as they wish, with no need for any tedious mucking about with the HTML files. Our systems are extremely powerful yet incredibly simple to use. If you can use simple applications like Word, you already know how to use them!

Technology (for those of you who are interested in this sort of thing)

  • Application programming in ColdFusion, PHP and ASP
  • Database programming on MySQL, SQL Server and Access
  • Web programming in HTML, Javascript and CSS
  • Animation for the web with Flash

Related services

Beatown operates within a loose framework of partner companies offering complimentary services. Calling upon this framework we can offer expertise in the following areas:

  • Editorial and copywriting
  • Design for print
  • Marketing strategies
  • Email in bulk to mailing lists (HTML-formatted or plain text)
  • Secure managed hosting