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Beatown is a multi-disciplinary web-design agency that does stuff for you that you sometimes don't know how to do or don't have time to learn.

Wed applications

From small websites and blogs, through to large database-backed applications, we can do it for you.

Responsive Design

Applications that render on all devices.

A bunch of other stuff

Beatown partners with other consultants and agencies to provide services such as graphic design, copywriting and marketing.


Between 1998 and 2008, Beatown created and published dozens of web applications. However, since 2008 we took a break from new projects, and time has moved on, so many of our old projects have simply disappeared or become obsolete. Only two are still running in anything like their original form.

Clarity and Impact

Website, e-Commerce

Images of War

Website, film archive


A brief history...

  • 1998-2003

    Primary Phase

    Working out of a small home office and a larger rented space (actually a desk at a friend's office) Beatown started acquiring new clients and building small to medium-size web applications.

  • 2003-2008

    Secondary Phase

    Using only recommendations from previous clients as our sole marketing tool, Beatown grew from strength to strength, to the point where the business was almost, but not quite, big enough to look and act like a real company, with offices and all that.

  • 2008-now

    Tertiary Phase

    Global financial disaster! Suddenly, marketing budgets are being slashed everywhere, no-one wants to pay for new web services, and they are unlikely to want to for a while. Our principal therefore decides to go freelance for a while, and Beatown becomes closed to new business.

  • But soon
    we open

Our Amazing Team

Beatown is the professional extension of software developer Michael Casey. He has more than 20 years experience in all sorts of webby things and for fun he likes to research the stuff he doesn't know much about yet.


Software developer, all-round do-everythinger

If we had a bigger team we'd have more pictures. It makes us sad that we don't.

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